Jamie + Melody | Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to fly to Byron Bay to photograph this gorgeous wedding. Molly and Jamie are the most easy going, lovely, lovely lovely people  I know.  As a result their wedding was super heartfelt, joyously fun and just completely them… gorgeous! Molly and Jamie held their ceremony and reception at the local Byron Bay Surf Club- Such a great venue that really reflected them and what they wanted their day to be. As you know, Byron Bay is a magical place! I’d return here in a second if there were any other lovely couples that would like me to document their day…

Congratulations Jamie and Molly! Thankyou again for letting me share in your beautiful day!

Amy x

P.S Thankyou to my lovely friend Jo Bartholomew for flying up from Sydney to photograph with me. Love you Jo! xx

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May 28, 2013 - 8:06 am

Molly - Cannot thank you enough Amy! You have captured our day perfectly and it was so lovely to have you part of it!
Lots of love xxx

Mason Family | Melbourne Family Photographer

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with this lovely family. Guy + Ness are old friends of mine, the kind you wish you saw more of. Who would have thought that 10years on I’d be playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf,” in a paddock, with their three gorgeous children as I sneakily (and sometimes not so sneakily) tried to capture some lovely moments between them all.

Since having my daughter I’ve been made so aware of how precious it is for parents to have beautiful photos of their family. Sometimes we put this off because we think, “I’ll organise that when I’ve dropped a few kilos, when the weather is better and when we have a little bit more cash.” Which, are valid reasons. But sometimes we just need to make it a priority, because every time we put it off  our babies just grow bigger. They get more hair, more personality and more kissable as time goes on. There are moments that we share as families that sometimes you just wish you had your own paparazzi for.

I absolutely love photographing families like this… candid, natural, some posed but mostly capturing unassuming moments. It’s an area of photography I will be starting to offer later this year. If you are interested in booking a session with me, send me an email, I can send you some info and put you on the wait list  (as sessions are quite limited).

Happy Tuesday!

Amy xx

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May 14, 2013 - 6:22 pm

Breanna Gravener - I love it Amy, in every way. Just beautiful! Well done!

Tim + Louise | Sneak Peek

I was privileged enough to photograph these two beautiful souls on Saturday (and what a magical day it was)!
Congratulations Tim and Louise!


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March 25, 2013 - 8:39 pm

Peter Murtagh - Hey! Well done U2. Louise: you look v beautiful! Have a wonderful life together. I’m off on a motorbike adventure today – read about it on irishtimes.com… if you get bored on honeymoon!!! Xxxx Peter M

April 16, 2013 - 9:38 pm

Silvana - Stunning

Evie: Part One

As I lay on the operating table waiting for her to cry I could feel something happening inside. It wasn’t the doctors who were pulling and tugging (and literally pulling my insides out) but the most intense feeling I have ever felt was ballooning within and it was like my heart was… growing bigger. Well, maybe not literally but I could feel my heart exploding and all I wanted to do was meet, kiss and hold my little girl. I heard her cry. I sobbed.

I can’t describe the feeling I felt looking into her eyes, it was overwhelming, amazing, incredible. She was so alert, so focused, so ready to join us, but also… she was ours. She was still, quietly listening to our voices as we said hello and the most beautiful thing was that she recognized them, you could see that in her eyes. My heart was dancing on my chest and I sobbed a little more.

Evie was born seven weeks ago yesterday. The last seven weeks have been the most beautiful, challenging, life changing weeks of my life. From the early morning cuddles to milk-drunk smiles, dozens of nappies, billions of kisses and her sweet little ‘kitten fingers’ slowly dancing across my chest as she feeds, I’ve been learning how to be her Mamma and as I said earlier, increasing my capacity to love. Who would have thought that one little person could make someone such a bundle of emotions!

We are so thankful to our beautiful friend Narrelle from Njoythemoment Photography for capturing these moments for us. These images are so dear to our heart and we can’t thank this lady enough for being willing and able, (and at 32 weeks pregnant herself, what a woman!) it’s the most precious gift we could ever receive. Thank you Narrelle.

If you want to know a few quick labor details… I was induced at 4 days past my due date because the little one didn’t have much fluid left around her. I labored all day (with the help of a freaking awesome epidural… I did try a few hours without it, but man labor pains are mean!) and at the end of the day she got a bit stuck and had to be delivered via cesarean section. I am so thankful that she arrived safe and well.

After the surgery was over I was taken to ‘recovery’ for an hour while Nath and Evie got to know each other upstairs in the nursery. I am so thankful that Narrelle was there to capture those first moments of him and Evie together. Nath sat with her, holding and talking to her for the first hour of her life while they waited. These are all such special photos. *Sigh* Narrelle, you are amazing, how blessed we were to have you there with us.


I love being Evie’s Mamma, she has brought so much joy into our life and we have only known her seven weeks, I can only imagine how much more fun our little life is going to get as we get to know her more. Our world has been changed forever and how thankful we are to our God for choosing us to be Evie’s parents.

amy xx

P.S We are very aware that out little girl looked like a small version of Mother Teresa when she came out, hehehe, we are hoping that she has her heart.

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December 2, 2012 - 2:14 pm

Breanna Gravener - Just beautiful Amy and Nath! mmmm. so sweet! Congratulations. They are just gorgeous!
Narelle ~ What an awesome job!! You captured this perfectly.

December 2, 2012 - 6:21 pm

Hayley - What beautiful photos Narrelle has captured for you all Amy! Evie is so beautiful and yes, she was alert wasn’t she! Love the shots where she is looking into the eyes of her mummy and daddy. Congratulations to you both!

December 3, 2012 - 2:01 pm

Gemma Higgins - Oh wow. These are the most beautiful birth images I’ve ever seen!
What an amazing job Narelle did. Just gorgeous. Congratulations, she is beautiful!