Ari + Martina

I always get nervous before I have to shoot a wedding, it’s normal, but for this wedding I was super super nervous! You see, Ari and Martina are both photographers themselves (really good ones!) and when I first found this out, a part of my heart was thinking “Please don’t book me! I can’t handle the pressure! Say you are already booked! Lol) But oh how glad I am that I didn’t listen to my heart that told me to run and hide!

Martina and Ari were married at Martina’s (late) Grandmothers farm, 5 hours from Melbourne in a little town called Vasey, right beside the Grampians. Their ceremony and reception were both held at the family property. I can’t tell you how magical it was… you will just have to look at the photos.

 My favorite moments from the day…

Photographing Ari’s details… his rings kept safely kept in his great grandfathers leather wallet. Watching Martina and her dad share a special moment (and a tear) just before they were about to leave. Seeing Martina drive into the farm in Ari’s first car that he had especially restored for Martina to arrive in. Seeing Ari’s face as he watched Martina walk down the isle was beautiful. I saw Martina beaming as she stood opposite Ari saying her vows, and then their family rejoice when they were announced as “husband and wife.” It was really beautiful seeing Martina’s face when she realized that one of her family members had come all the way from Greece as a surprise and then the most magical moment by far… when I had actually finished for the night and was walking to my car. As I turned to take one last look back at the property I watched a line of people quietly dance out of the tent and into a fairy-lit garden, smiling, laughing, rejoicing! It was magical.

This wedding made my heart skip, smile, shed a few tears and renew my love for what I do. It was an incredible celebration of one couple’s love which, brought with it, friends and family from all over the world (literally!). It was a really special time for Martina and Ari – to have so many close friends and family all in the one place for one big party was something that they had dreamed of for a while. It happened. It was amazing.  Congratulations Martina and Ari!

 Thanks again for letting me share in your day.

 Amy  x

P.S Huge thanks to my gorgeous second shooter Jo… couldn’t have done it without you lady!
(And I also have to give credit to the awesome shots of the bird in the sky and the man cutting up the meat! They were Jo’s shots and I love them! )

P.P.S I’m sure I will get emails asking where Martina’s wedding dress is from. It’s a Gwendolynne dress. Isn’t it stunning?!

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January 4, 2012 - 3:07 pm

Kate - These photos are beautiful and what a stunning bride!! I love all the flowers and colours, just amazing.

January 4, 2012 - 4:09 pm

Anya - Amazing work Amy, just beautiful! xx

January 4, 2012 - 11:02 pm

Nicole - What a stunning wedding! And so beautifully captured, LOVE everything!!

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